“I suppose everyone’s different but that’s what I drink every weekend and I know loads of others might even drink more.”

“We’re told too much about alcohol, nothing serious is going to happen, you just need to get on and make your own mistakes.”

“It was really exciting to be doing something for other young people. I think we’re probably the best to know how to put the information across as we are the same age.”

“I had no idea that alcohol was related to breast cancer and I bet you that loads of other girls don’t either. That has to be included in the story.”

“This sort of project is definitely something I’d be involved with again. It’s a good feeling to be able to have an idea, like ‘lets make a film,’ and actually get on and do it. I could get quite used to the film making lark!”

“I’ve got loads out of this. It felt great to be able to use what we do………I want to be an actress and doing this just shows how important drama can be to get a message across.”

“It was good to be involved. When we began I had no idea of what we were going to come up with but now we’ve made something that we’re proud of and can definitely use as a portfolio piece.”

“I’m really glad that this was part of our course. By making stuff for the website we’ve learnt stuff ourselves about alcohol and how important it is to have your facts right.”

What the participants wanted to achieve:

“Creating an awareness of the pros and cons of alcohol in society without enticement.”

“Informing people in a laid back fashion…..approaching the issue with positivity…not always associating alcohol with negativity” Showing that the “Information is there if they need it.”

“Providing useful facts and things that will help people on a night out.”

Comments from staff at the colleges:

“…all my students are really really excited about the website going live - I think they are beginning to understand the significance of their involvement.”

“This has really motivated them and it’s been fun. This is the stuff they’ll go away remembering about being at college… days like these…”

“I think sometimes the messages just aren’t getting around to all those that need to know... also the priority has to be their college work which can be very demanding.”

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