About the Bottletop Alcohol Awareness Project

Bottletop is an exciting and highly innovative project developed with 15-24 year olds in Herefordshire and designed to engage with an age-group that has received less focus in alcohol awareness during this critical period of achieving adulthood. It taps in to their creativity and experiences in developing an innovative approach of peer-led alcohol awareness education.

All of the content produced for the website comes through the facilitated work of young people and are their own ideas and words on the subject. The site may not be to everyone's liking or always be "on message" but Bottletop is true to the genuine voice of young people in Herefordshire. is the end result, a website about alcohol awareness by young people for young people.

"It was really exciting to be doing something for other young people. I think we're probably the best to know how to put the information across as we are the same age."

The project began as a partnership between international brewer Scottish and Newcastle (now part of Heineken UK), educational theatre charity The Play House, local sustainable development charity the Bulmer Foundation, new media designer Infinity Unlimited, Herefordshire Primary Care Trust and the three further education colleges in Hereford - Hereford Sixth Form College, Herefordshire and Ludlow College and Hereford College of Arts, and received the support of an investment from Arts and Business.

First launched at the end of 2008, other partners have since contributed to the project, including 2XL Youth Projects, Worcestershire and Herefordshire Youth Offending Service, Lady Hawkins School, and Supported Housing for Young People Project. Despite its core funding coming through the Bulmer Foundation, Bottletop has also received public funding from the Community Safety Partnership and now features in Herefordshire's alcohol strategy.


Over time, new bottletops are added by new groups of Herefordshire young people, looking at different aspects of drinking, and being safe when drinking. This keeps the site content relevant and up-to-date for young people. In 2013, the Bottletop project also linked with the pubwatch scheme in Hereford, called Herefordshire Against Night-time Disorder to support brief alcohol interventions to young people excluded from pubs and clubs.

The hope is that the site will continue to develop in future years so that even more young people will get the opportunity to have their opinions heard, to gain what the participants recognise as an amazing experience, and to contribute to the well-being of the Herefordshire community.

Download the full report in PDF format (prepared in 2010)

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